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Thank you to the following persons for the use of their Creative Commons Licensed material:

  • JohnnyEnglish on Flickr
    George VI post/mail box, on Lepp's Lane, Barton, near Preston
  • oneVillage Initiative on Flickr
    Post Office, Ghana
  • Andrewthecook on Flickr
  • A L E  MU S H on Flickr
    Aids is burning up Africa
  • Mark on Flickr
    Work area
  • Curt Carnemark / World Bank on Flickr
    Group of women in traditional clothing, Kenya
  • s o n r i s a  e l e c t r i c a on Flickr
    Look at alll the papers!
  • dolescum on Flickr
    Archives' stacks
  • ~Dezz~ on Flickr
    Liquid Links
  • World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr
    Women by the White Nile (Morada). Khartoum, Sudan. Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank
  • vaXzine on Flickr
    164th District - Judge Jamison
  • Brij on Flickr
    How many trees make one newspaper?
  • ShironekoEuro on Flickr
    Old newspaper
  • ashkyd on Flickr
    Disabled sign
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