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Annual Report 2010

The year 2010 started on a very sad note for us at the Centre for Human Rights, when Gill Jacot Guillarmod passed away on 15 January after a brief period of illness. Gill was our respected and inspirational senior liaison officer. Gill was also our dear friend, trusted confidante, the beloved grandmother to our children, and the core of our social being. More than anyone else, she symbolised the kind heart and the sincere humaneness to which we as a Centre aspire.

- Taken from the introduction to the Centre for Human Rights Annual Report 2010 by Frans Viljoen, Director, Centre for Human Rights.

Full report

Download the 2010 Annual Report as one large file (3.9 Mb)


Individual chapters

Directors' Message
Academic Programmes
Human Rights Education
Research & Advocacy
Staff & Interns
Staff Activities
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