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African Commission Working Group on Extractive Industries, Environment and Human Rights

The Centre for Human Rights (CHR) is assisting the African Commission Working Group on Extractive Industries, Environment and Human Rights (Working Group) in a project to gather information on and investigate the impacts of the extractive industries sector in Africa.

The Working Group was established by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights with the adoption of Resolution 148 at the 46th Ordinary Session held in Banjul, The Gambia from 11th-25th November 2009. The mandate calls for the working group to:


  1. Examine the impact of extractive industries in Africa within the context on the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights;  
  2. Research specific issues pertaining to the right of all peoples to freely dispose of their wealth and natural resources and to a general satisfactory environment favourable to their development;
  3. Undertake research on the violations of human and peoples’ rights by non-state actors in Africa;
  4. Request, gather, receive and exchange information and materials from all relevant sources;
  5. Inform the African Commission on the possible liability of non-state actors;
  6. Formulate recommendations and proposals on appropriate measures and activities for the prevention and reparation of violations of human and peoples’ rights by extractive industries;
  7. Collaborate with interested donors institutions and NGOs; and
  8. Prepare a comprehensive report to be presented to the African Commission.

For more information on the work of the CHR and the Working Group, please see ‘Human Rights and the Environmental Impact of Mining’ under projects.

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