Conferences & Call for Papers
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The following conferences, seminars, lectures, call for nominations, and call for papers are advertised:

Annual International Conference on Law, Athens, Greece: Third Call for Papers and Participation

Call for Book Chapters: Devolution in Kenya: A Comparative Survey

Venice Academy of Human Rights 2014 - "Judicial Legitimacy and the Rule of Law"

Call for Papers: African Human Rights Law Journal

Call for Papers: University of Pretoria International Consumer Law Conference (UPICLC) 2014

Call for Chapters: Sustainable Farming, Agriculture and the law in Nigeria

Call for Papers: Second Stellenbosch Annual Seminar on Constitutionalism in Africa (SASCA)

Call for Papers: African Disability Rights Yearbook 2014

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Acta Aacdemia

Barry University School of Law Environmental and Earth Law Journal: Call for Papers

Erudite Journal of Law and Jurisprudence (EJLJ)

Call for Papers: International Law and Policy Research Journal (ILPRJ)

Call for Papers: International Human Rights Law Review

ANCL Annual Conference

Call for Papers

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