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Unlawful Killings Unit - Database of Unlawful Killings

Unlawful Killings Unit - Database of Unlawful Killings

Underpinning all of the Unit’s work is the creation and maintenance of a Database of Unlawful Killings in Africa, designed as a resource initially for policy-makers and practitioners, but ultimately also for academic and other researchers.

Building on the work of a comprehensive baseline study completed in 2013/4 in collaboration with the University of Cambridge (available here) this database will contain information concerning events in the following categories:

  • Death Penalty
  • Custodial Deaths
  • Extrajudicial Executions
  • Excessive Force
  • Political Violence
  • Armed Conflict
  • Intercommunal Violence
  • Killings by Non-State Actors

In order for this database to function properly it needs material from as diverse a source-base as possible. Researchers in Pretoria would benefit greatly from partners across the continent passing them relevant information from any source, in any language, so that the resources of the database can be as comprehensive as possible.

The Unit encourages researchers and practitioners from across the continent and beyond to contribute to this process by uploading relevant information using this webform.

If you have questions about this or any other aspect of the Unit’s work we encourage you please to contact us.

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