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Human Rights Law in Africa
Human Rights Law in Africa covers the activities of the United Nations, the African Union and its predecessor the Organization of African Unity, as well as sub-regional and other inter-governmental organizations and NGOs in the field of human rights in Africa. It also covers the national legal systems of all African countries.

Around 100 correspondents from all over Africa contribute to this voluminous publication, edited by Christof Heyns and Morné van der Linde. Human Rights Law in Africa is published by Martinus Nijhoff (The Netherlands) in two volumes, the first volume covering inter-governmental organizations and NGOs and the second volume covering the national legal systems.


Table of Contents

The Human Rights Law in Africa printed edition has an Abbreviated Table of Contents and a Full Table of Contents. Both of these are available for download.

Download Abbreviated Table of Contents
Download Full Table of Contents

Purchase Human Rights Law in Africa

To purchase Human Rights Law in Africa, please contact the publishers.
This publication replaces and updates the earlier Human Rights Law in Africa Series, which appeared on an annual basis from 1996 to 1999.

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