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Researchers: Prof Charles Fombad

Prof Charles Fombad
Licence en Droit (Yaounde) LLM, PhD (London) Diploma on Conflict Resolution (Uppsala)
Professor of Law and Head of Constitutional Law Unit at the Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa (ICLA)
Office: ICLA building 2-8
Tel: 012 420 3377
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Research interests
Comparative African constitutional law, legal harmonisation, African Union, Media law, legal history

Editorial positions

  • African Journal of International Affairs
  • International Encyclopaedia of Laws, Belgium
  • Constitutional Court Review, South Africa
  • CALS Review of Nigerian Law and Practice
  • Botswana Review of Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS (BRELA)
  • BIAC Journal of Business, Management and Training
  • Fundamina.  A Journal of Legal History.
  • City University of Hong Kong Law Review.
  • Journal of Eastern and Central African Studies
  • Revue Doctrinale du Droit Guinéen
  • Founding editor-in-chief, University of Botswana Law Journal (UBLJ), 2005-2009.


  • RVM 801 (Module 5)
  • CSL 801 Constitutional and Adminisrative Law

Supervision: LLD students

  • Gift Manyatera, " A Critique of the Superior Courts' Judicial Selection Mechanism in Africa: The Case of Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe."
  • Seth Wekesa, " The Constitutional Protection of the Rights of Sexual Minorities in Africa: A Comparison of Kenya, Uganda and South Africa."
  • Tsietsi Ramatsekisa, " Constitutionalism and separation of powers in South Africa: A Comparative Perspective."

Academic publications

Visit UPSPACE for full articles on the University of Pretoria Institutional Repository


  • “Some Perspectives on Durability and Change Under Modern African Constitutions,” 11(2) International Journal of Constitutional Law (2013), pp. 382-413.
  • “An Overview of the Constitutional Framework of the Right to Social Security with Special Reference to South Africa,” 21(1) African Journal of International and Comparative Law (2013), pp. 1-31.
  • “Some Reflections on the Prospects for the Harmonisation of International Business Laws in Africa: OHADA and Beyond,” 59(3) Africa Today (2013), pp. 51-80.


  • Constitutional Law in Cameroon, The Netherlands,  Wolters Kluwer Law and Business (2012) (320 pages).
  • “Constitutional Entrenchment as an Effective and Sustainable Basis for Attacking Africa’s Endemic Corruption.” 1 Pan-African Yearbook of Law (2012), pp. 31-46.
  • (with Enyinna Nwauche), “Africa’s Imperial Presidents: Immunity, Impunity and Accountability,” 5(2) African Journal of Legal Studies (2012), pp.91-118.
  • “Internationalization of Constitutional Law and Constitutionalism in Africa,” 60(2) American Journal of Comparative Law (2012), pp.439-473.
  • “Botswana,” in Vernon Palmer (ed.), Mixed Jurisdictions Wordwide. The Third Legal Family, 2nd ed., Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, (2012), pp.481-527.
  • “Special Report on Cameroon,” in Vernon Palmer (ed.), Mixed Jurisdictions Wordwide. The Third Legal Family, 2nd ed., Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, (2012),pp.632-674.
  • “The African Union and Democratization”, in Jeffrey Haynes, Routledge Handbook of Democratization, Routledge, London (2012), pp.322-336.


  • Media Law in Botswana, Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, The Netherlands (2011).
  • “Constitutional Reforms and Constitutionalism in Africa: Reflections on Some Current Challenges and Future Prospects,” 59(4) Buffalo Law Review (2011), pp.1007-1108.
  • “African Bill of Rights in a Comparative Perspective,” 17(1) Fundamina (2011), pp.33-64.
  • (with Njoku O. Ama) “Patent and research exemption: Challenges for research capacity and utilization in universities,  research institutions and industry in Botswana,” 1(5) International   Journal of  Asian Social Science (2011) , pp. 157-180.
  • (with Jimcall Pfumorodze) “Protecting the Disabled in Botswana: An Anomalous Case of Legislative Neglect,” in Grobbelaar-du Plessis and Tobias Van Reenen, Aspects of Disabililty Law in Africa, PULP, Pretoria (2011), pp. 85-104.


  • “The Constitution as a Source of Accountability: The Role of Constitutionalism,” 24 (2) Speculum Juris (2010), pp.41-65.
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