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About the Unit
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Race and Common Citizenship Unit

The Unit is established to serve as a forum for providing multi-disciplinary education about race with the objective of promoting the values of equality, human dignity and common citizenship on African continent and more particularly in a South African context. More specifically, the Unit seeks to promote critical understanding of:

  • race and racial identities as historically contingent social and political formations that have material implications;
  • concept racialisation, including the parts played by the state and social actors in racialising social relations; racism;
  • connections between race and social, political and economic exclusion ;
  • intersectionalities between race and other identities or associational categories such as disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion and sexuality; and
  • legal and human rights approaches for addressing racism and promoting equality, human dignity and common citizenship.

In pursuit of its objective, the Unit seeks to:
  • develop and provide academic programmes on race
  • promote and undertake research on race
  • build capacity in teaching about race
  • contribute towards public debates on race
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