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NEPAD Book Project

With financial support of the GTZ, Dr Hesphina Rukato, the CEO of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) was assigned the responsibility of writing a comprehensive monograph on NEPAD.

This was published during 2009 and the launch of the book took place on 11 November.

The keynote address was delivered by former president Thabo Mbeki. The book has since been launched in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Ethiopia.


News coverage of the launch: Future Africa (Prospects for Democracy and Development under NEPAD)

From the Pretoria News, 12 November 2009

Former President Thabo Mbeki has urged African leaders to take charge of their own destiny. Speaking at the launch of the book Future Africa (Prospects for Democracy and Development under NEPAD) at the university of Pretoria on 11 November 2009, Mbeki said that unfortunately there were a number of African countries which relied on donor support.

He said some of these countries were so reliant on donor support that they could not pay their public servants if such support was not available. "Yes, we are poor but we need to take charge of our destiny if we are to get out of poverty," said Mbeki. He said the book by Dr Hesphina Rukato, a former deputy chief executive officer at the NEPAD Secretariat, contained a serious analysis of some issues relating to NEPAD.

Mbeki said that when NEPAD was launched about nine years ago, it was aimed at the socio-economic transformation of the continent. "The project is facing problems, but we cannot abandon it."

One of the biggest problems with the Africa continet "is that we believe many untruths about ourselves", he said.

"The consequences is that we take wrong decisions based on these untruths", he said. Mbeki said Rukato's book had to serve as a reference for researchers and should be treated as volume one of a series.

Rukato said one of the biggest problems facing NEPAD was that there was no succession plan. "Steps need to be taken to address this problem is Africa is to claim its place in the 21st century," she said. Rukato, who wrote the book as a senior researcher in the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria, said sacrifices should be made in order to change "a continent as diverse as Africa".

"There are certain things which need to be done in order to strengthen the partnerships with other stakeholders," she said. She described the book as her personal contribution to the NEPAD process.

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