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Sexual Minority Rights Database

This clinical group project (for the LLM in Human Rights & Democratisation in Africa degree) focuses on the rights of sexual minorities, that is, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-sexual and Intersexes (LGBTI) persons in national, regional and international jurisdictions.

This database is intended to serve as a source of easy access to information for students and researchers in the field of sexual minority rights. The website contains links to case law from national and international tribunals, links to articles on aspects of sexual minority rights, links to examples of advocacy strategies and success stories on sexual minority rights advocacy from various countries, book references and laws from various countries on sexual minorities.

It is also hoped that the website will be a useful learning tool for participants who attended the sexual minorities’ course that was  conducted by the Centre for Human Rights from 11th - 15th April 2011.

The website is intended to be a useful tool for advocates in arguing cases before national or international tribunals involving sexual minority rights. Through a cross  pollination of  jurisprudence while arguing court cases, it is hoped that this  website will feed into the creation of even more  jurisprudence in the area of sexual minority rights, the overall effect of which will be the building of a richer and  consolidated  source of  protection for sexual minorities everywhere.

It is hoped that the website will assist in creating awareness about discrimination and other challenges suffered by sexual minorities around the world and in the process equip the reader with tools for effectively challenging such discriminations everyday life. The website will be continuously updated as developments happen.

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